Why we built Campaign Cookbook, a one-of-a-kind marketing tool for financial teams

Header image credit:, Technology vector created by freepik

At 3LOQ, we work with top financial institutions around the world who deploy our behavioural AI solutions to build sustainable customer engagement. When clients opt for user-level recommendations, the insights extracted by our solutions are naturally sophisticated and detailed, too. We understand that while hyper-personalized campaigns deliver great business results, designing them is not always an easy thing to achieve. First, with multiple stakeholders across the product team, marketing team and design agency, the operational process often lacks agility to respond to time-sensitive requirements. Second, repository maintenance is often not standardized, limiting the reusability of high-performing designs. Finally, cost often acts as a barrier to productivity, as teams incur incremental on campaign refinements like deeper personalization, A/B testing and multi-channel adaptations.

That’s why our team built the Campaign Cookbook, a one-of-a-kind marketing tool that shortens the entire design process to just a couple of clicks. It is market-proven to help marketing teams deploy personalized campaigns 3X faster. 

1.  Agility: By simplifying the design process, it boosts operational agility and helps teams respond efficiently to last minute changes or sudden requirements. 

2. Repository maintenance: It allows teams to maintain a robust repository of creatives, enabling 100% reusability of quality, high-performance imagery and copy. 

3. Unlimited productivity: It breaks the cost barrier by offering unlimited productivity - there are no limits on the number of creatives it can generate, no incremental costs and as a bonus, it also auto-adapts creatives to fit multiple marketing channels. 

 Campaign Cookbook is creating campaign heroes across marketing teams in top financial institutions by helping them gain time, gain scale as well as save cost. If you’re interested in knowing more about the tool, do drop us a message at - we’re happy to give you a personal demonstration!